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Wood is safe, sturdy and dependable - it is the best insulator against heat and cold and it is considered by many to be the most energy-efficient building material in use today. Wood products are also better for the consumer, costing nearly 30% less than most substitutes to frame an average home.

Following are various species of Timber

Jungle Wood: Subcategorized into cher, kalakathi, Fannas etc. used for local construction job on single time use basis, packing of product for one time safe transporting base for machinery & used as dunnage for oil drums etc.

Rubber Wood: A quality Jungle wood, flexible, durable not water proof used for drainage work support. One time use basis. Similar use on jungle wood. Rubber wood may also be used for furniture after seasoning. The seasoning will increase the cost of wood by 3 times.

Hard country wood: The first quality jungle wood mixed of mango, jamun, babul, neem, paper, maroof etc. used for a secure & safe packing for storing, transporting & exporting. Also used for heavy machinery supports. Hard wood sleepers used for bridge building, shipbuilding, heavy construction & machines basis. Allowed for truck body building, hard carts building etc.

Silver wood: A special wood for construction job in centering & shuttering approx. 7 to 10 times repetitions. Also used for manufacturing of wooden ladders, stairs & liftvans. New Zealand Pine wood: The lightest weight quality in superior wood. Pure white & cream colour with figures & self designed knots used in film industry for stage making etc. Anti fungus wood, anti borer woods are the best quality in the world of timber.

Pine Wood: Same as New Zealand Pine Wood. But with more softness, more lighter & more figures, used for furniture too.

Malaysian Sal Wood: The hardest quality in timber world. Water proof. Anti Fungus & Anti borer wood used for door and windows framing. Heavy duty wood for industrial use. Also used in Navy & Docks for supporting the ships. It is better substitute for teak wood. No knots only suncracks if kept in sunlight.

Indian Sal Wood: Somewhat similar to Malaysian Sal wood, but quality little poor compare to Malaysian. Customer use Indian Sal for door and windows framing to cut the cost by 25% as compare to that of Malaysian Sal wood.

Nigerian Teak Wood: The queen of timber used for door and windows framing. Also used by electrical devices Mfg. companies as moisture is too less. Burma Teak Wood: The king of timber used for high grade furniture & superior decoration in 3 stars hotels & posh towers.

Imported Decorative Wood: There are so many quality for America & European countries call as cherry wood, steam beach, badam, red merendy etc. It is used for 5 stars hotels, decorations of bungalows. It contains 0% moisture.