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Wooden Crates

SOORYA Group has been building wood crates since 1970 and specializes in custom wood crates for the High Tech and Electronics Industries. The SOORYA Group custom designs crates to fit your equipment incorporating features such Foam Lining, Ramps, 4 x 4 Skids, Hinges & Cam-lock Fasteners, Etc.. The SOORYA Group designed custom Ramp Brackets to enable a wall of the crate to become a ramp to provide unmatched ease in loading and unloading of your equipment.

The SOORYA Group can do local onsite crating for very large equipment. The SOORYA Group designs crates to accept handling equipment used in the material handling industry when ever possible.

The SOORYA Group is a foam fabricator and a corrugated sheet plant which gives us unmatched versatility, quality control and superior response times.