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Wooden Pallets

Types of Pallets
This   pallet  or   skid  is usually classified  as  a  stringer  pallet.Single  deck   means  the  pallethas   only   top    deck    boardsand  the  term   non - reversibleindicates  that  they  cannot beused   properly    when   turnedupside down. Often referred toas skids, which are pallets withno  bottom  deck boards,  theyare  the  most  economic  palletto    build   and   take   up    lessspace  because   they   can   beinterlocked  or   nested  duringstorage.   They  are  usefu l fordense      concentrated     loadswhen bottom  deck  boards arenot essential and  typical  usesinclude dairy, paper, brick, sodand  certain  building  materialsthat     are     not      subject    tocrushing failure.
2. Two Way,  Single Deck ,Flush , Non-Reversible, Stringer Pallet.

3. Two Way, Double Deck ,
Flush , Non Reversible Stringer Pallet.
This   stringer  pallet   has   deck boards   spaced   identically   onthe   top    and    bottom    whichpermits     the     pallets      to   bereversed.      It    contains   morewood   than  other styles and  isthus   very   stiff.    The   bottomdeck  assists  in  distributing thebearing  forces  and so this typeof   pallet  is  often  utilized  withloads   that   are  susceptible   tocrushing   failures .     They   canonly   be  handled   with   forklifttrucks.
This   partial  four  way  entrystringer  pallet   is   the   mostcommon in  North America. Itis  versatile,   permitting  fourway handling  with  fork  liftsand  two way  handling  withpallet trucks  or  transporters.
4. Partial Four Way, DoubleDeck , Flush , Non-ReversibleStringer Pallet.

5. Two Way, Single Deck Single Wing , Stringer Pallet.
This two way entry, single deck ,single    wing  ,    non - reversiblestringer  pallet   consists  of   topdeck     boards     that      protrudebeyond   the   stringers   and  aredesigned  for  use  with  straddleforklift trucks, cargo slings , barsas  well  as  conventional  forklifttrucks  and   transporters.   Theypermit use of   narrower aisles  inwarehouses        where       propermaterial   handling  equipment  isavailable.  An  added  feature  ofthe wing  is  that  it  can assist inthe   securing   of   stretch   wrapwhen applied to unit loads.
This pallet  is similar to the twoway,  single deck ,   wing  style,however  with  the  addition  ofbottom  deck   boards  they  aremuch   stiffer   and   thus   moredurable.  In this style,   the  topdeck  boards  extend  over   theoutside  edge  of   both   insidestringers ( the wing )  while thebottom    deck   boards   remainflush  with  the  stringer  edges.

6. Two Way, Double Deck ,Single Wing , Non ReversibleStringer Pallet.

7. Two Way Double Deck ,Double Wing , ReversibleStringer Type Pallet.
This two way design ,  doublewing  pallet  is  reversible  andthus has the same  amount  oftop  and  bottom deck boards.Due  to  the extension  of   thedeck     boards    beyond    thestringers,  it  is  often  referredto   as    the   strongest   palletdesign.
Block    pallets   are   the   mostcommon style of  pallets  usedin  Europe  and   their   use   inNorth  America  is  increasing.The   vast  majority  of   block pallets    have    nine     blockswhich are  located  at  the fourcorners,  mid  way  across  thewidth , and  at   the  geometriccentre  of   the  pallet.  Due  tothe fact that  they allow for lifttruck fork and  transport entryin  all   directions ,     they   arereferred  to as  full  4  way.
8. Full Four Way, Double Deck ,Flush , Non Reversible BlockPallets.