Engineers Plywood Manufacturers In Mumbai

Engineers Ply

Technical Specification:
Size: 8×4 & 10×4
Thickness: 12mm & 18mm
Density: 0.65 to 0.70gm/cc
Screw Holding Strength: 300kg
Nail Holding Strength: 62kg
Swelling in water (8 hours): Less than 2%

Engineers Shuttering Plywood is an exterior grade, preservative-treated plywood, manufactured from naturally durable veneers, impregnated with unextended Phenol Formaldehyde resin adhesive. The high strength stability and resilience of this product, makes it deal for all types of shuttering work in house construction, factory building, bridge construction, sewer construction, construction of swimming pools, and other exterior applications.

Additional Details

Our manufactured Film Faced Plywood, also known as Shuttering Plywood with unique features like high strength, stability, and resistance superior resistance, smooth mirror-like finish on both the surfaces extra-finish on RCC construction, leads to a vast (40%) cost-saving, re-usability up to 25 times on either side depending on careful handling in respect of fixing, removal and storage.

Its unique feature included selected naturally durable crossband veneers impregnated with specially formulated phenolic resin and then dried.

Engineers film faced plywood is made using 100% high-density wood and 125gsm film. Its smooth mirror-like super finish saves finishing cost too

Test Prescribed in IS: 4990-1991

Moisture Contact Test

Glue Shear Strength
(in dry state) Adhesive on plies

Water Resistant Test (after 72 hrs boiling)
a) Glue Shear Strength
b) Adhesive of plies

Mycological Test
a) Glue Shear Strength

Tensile Strength
a) Along the grain
b) Across the grain
c) Sum of Tensile Strength

Static Bending Strength Modulus of Electricity
a) Along the grain
b) Across the grain

Minimum Value for Conformity

Not less than 5% – Not more than 15%

Min. Ind 110 N
Avg. 1350 N
Minimum pass standard

Min. 800 N
Avg. 1000 N
Minimum pass standard

Min. Ind 800 N
Avg. 1000 N

32.5 N/
22.5 N/
55.0 N/

8000 N/
4000 N/

Observed Value


1310 N
1520 N

1060 N
1280 N

1020 N
1210 N

46.5 N/
32.2 N/
78.7 N/

9100 N/
4320 N/

1. Smooth, Silky, Mirror like finish.
2. Phenol coating helps maintain shape and prevent swelling.
3. Can withstand and maintain shape when concrete is poured into it.
4. Scratch and abrasision resistant.
5. Available in the attractive red color and black border only.

The product is ideal for
1. Concrete framework for beams and pillar.
2. Flooring and slab framework.
3. Mezzanine flooring.
4. Trucks and tempo body work.

Engineers Plywood Manufacturers In Mumbai

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Engineers Plywood Manufacturers In Mumbai

Engineers Plywood Manufacturers In Mumbai Plywood is used to make lots of things like furniture, cabinets, floors, and even boats! It’s strong enough to hold heavy things and it doesn’t easily bend or break like regular wood. Plus, it’s smooth and flat, so it’s great for making things look nice and neat.

Engineers Plywood Manufacturers In Mumbai