Technical Specification:
Size: 8×4 & 10×4
Thickness: 12mm & 18mm
Density:  0.65 to 0.70gm/cc
Screw Holding Strength: 300kg
Nail Holding Strength: 62kg
Swelling in water (8 hours): Less than 2%

GST Shuttering Plywood is an exterior grade, preservative-treated plywood manufactured from naturally durable veneers, impregnated with unextended Phenol Formaldehyde resin adhesive. The high strength, stability and resilience of this product makes it ideal for all types of shuttering work in house construction, factory building, bridge construction, sewer construction, construction of swimming pools, and other exterior applications.

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Additional Details

Test Prescribed in IS: 4990-1991 Minimum Value for Conformity Observed Value
Moisture Contact Test Not less than 5% – Not more than 15% 5%
Glue Shear Strength
(in dry state)
Adhesive on plies
Min. Ind 110 N
Avg. 1350 N
Minimum pass standard
1310 N
1520 N
Water Resistant Test (after 72 hrs boiling)
a) Glue Shear Strength
b) Adhesive of plies
Min. 800 N
Avg. 1000 N
Minimum pass standard
1060 N
1280 N
Mycological Test
a) Glue Shear Strength
Min. Ind 800 N
Avg. 1000 N
1020 N
1210 N
Tensile Strength
a) Along the grain
b) Across the grain
c) Sum of Tensile Strength
32.5 N/
22.5 N/
55.0 N/
46.5 N/
32.2 N/
78.7 N/
Static Bending Strength Modulus of Electricity
a) Along the grain
b) Across the grain
8000 N/
4000 N/
9100 N/
4320 N/

Important guidelines for using film faced shuttering plywood. The guarantee of plywood is valid on the following cateria.

1. Use circular saw.
2. Densified FFSP should not be dragged from distance.
3. Should not be thrown from height.
4. Should not be stored in flat surface to avoid bending of the sheet.
5. Always use drill machine to insert screw/nail.
6. Avoid extra nailing.
7. Cut edges of the ply should be coated with suitable sealant to get maximum use of ply.
8. Leave at least 4 inch space from edges to insert the nail.
9. Clean the surface of ply after use and stored in well ventilated area.
10. Surface should be coated with mould oil before use.
11. Don’t store plywood open in rain.
12. Cover plywood with tarpaulins when storing, to protect from sunlight.