Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Mumbai

Shuttering plywood manufacturers Mumbai

Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Mumbai


When it comes to construction, interior design, or architecture, every professional knows that the foundation of any project lies in the quality of the materials used. In Mumbai, a city teeming with architectural marvels and ambitious construction projects, choosing the right materials can make all the difference. This is where the Soorya Group, established in 1948, stands out as a beacon of quality and reliability. As a family-run timber company, Soorya Group has been supplying high-quality hardwood and softwood products, including shuttering plywood, to meet diverse specifications and needs.

Why Choose Soorya Group?

  • Quality Assurance: Every piece of wood that passes through the Soorya Group’s supply chain undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets the highest standards.
  • Diverse Product Range: From hardwood to softwood, and specialized shuttering plywood, they offer a wide array of products to suit various applications.
  • Experience and Expertise: With over 70 years in the industry, the Soorya Group has honed its craft and understands the unique needs of its clientele.
  • Sustainable Practices: They are committed to sustainable sourcing and environmental responsibility, ensuring that their products not only serve the present but also preserve the future.

The Legacy of Soorya Group

The Soorya Group’s journey began over seven decades ago, rooted in a deep passion for timber and a commitment to quality. Founded in 1948, this family-run enterprise has grown from a modest timber supplier to a prominent name in Mumbai’s construction and interior design sectors. Their legacy is built on trust, consistency, and an unwavering dedication to providing top-notch products.

Characteristics of High-Quality Shuttering Plywood

  • Strength and Durability: High-quality shuttering plywood must be able to withstand the pressure exerted by wet concrete without bending or breaking.
  • Water Resistance: Given that it is often exposed to wet concrete, water resistance is crucial to preventing warping and degradation.
  • Smooth Surface: A smooth surface ensures that the concrete finish is equally smooth, reducing the need for additional finishing work.
  • Reusable: Superior shuttering plywood can be reused multiple times, providing cost-efficiency for large projects.

Types of Shuttering Plywood

  • Film-Faced Shuttering Plywood: Coated with a film of phenolic or melamine, this type offers excellent water resistance and a smooth finish.
  • Marine Plywood: Known for its durability and resistance to water, marine plywood is ideal for long-term projects where repeated use is expected.
  • Compreg Plywood: This type is impregnated with synthetic resins to enhance its strength and water resistance, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

The Future of Shuttering Plywood with Soorya Group

As the construction and design industries continue to evolve, the demand for high-quality, sustainable materials grows. Soorya Group is poised to lead the way with innovative products and practices that meet the needs of modern projects. Soorya Group is investing in research and development to create advanced plywood products that offer even greater strength, durability, and environmental benefits.

Quality Control

Soorya Group ensures stringent quality control processes to meet industry standards for every piece of shuttering plywood. They verify the source of timber to ensure reliability and sustainability. The group utilizes state-of-the-art machinery and techniques to produce high-quality plywood, conducting regular inspections and tests to maintain consistency and quality.

Sustainable Practices

Eco-Friendly Sourcing Committed to responsible forestry practices, ensuring that timber is sourced sustainably. Waste Reduction Implementing processes to minimize waste during manufacturing. Green Certifications Adhering to environmental standards and obtaining certifications that reflect their commitment to sustainability. Its strength and flexibility allow architects to experiment with complex geometries and shapes in their designs.

Shuttering plywood manufacturer


Q. What makes Soorya Group’s shuttering plywood different from others?
Ans. Soorya Group’s shuttering plywood is renowned for its high strength, durability, water resistance, and smooth finish.

Q. When was Soorya Group established?
Ans. Soorya Group was established in 1948 and has been a successful, family-run timber company based in Mumbai ever since.

Q. What are the different types of shuttering plywood available at Soorya Group?
Ans. Soorya Group offers several types of shuttering plywood, including film-faced shuttering plywood, marine plywood, and compreg plywood, each designed for specific applications and requirements.


In the bustling city of Mumbai, where construction and design projects constantly push the envelope, having a reliable partner like Soorya Group can make all the difference. Soorya Group’s extensive experience, commitment to quality, and sustainable practices ensure that you receive the best materials for your projects. Whether you are a contractor, builder, interior designer, or architect, Soorya Group’s shuttering plywood and other timber products will meet and exceed your expectations.

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Shuttering plywood manufacturers Mumbai

Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Mumbai

The Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Mumbai

Firstly, these manufacturers utilize state-of-the-art technology and machinery to produce durable and reliable shuttering plywood. Consequently, their products meet rigorous industry standards, ensuring optimal performance in construction projects. Moreover, Mumbai’s manufacturers source premium raw materials, including high-grade wood veneers and robust adhesives. This meticulous selection process guarantees the plywood’s strength and longevity. Additionally, these manufacturers prioritize eco-friendly practices, implementing sustainable sourcing and production methods that minimize environmental impact.

Best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Mumbai

Furthermore, these companies offer a diverse range of shuttering plywood to cater to various construction needs. Whether for large-scale commercial projects or residential constructions, they provide customized solutions that meet specific client requirements. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that builders receive products that enhance structural integrity and project efficiency. In addition, many manufacturers in Mumbai offer comprehensive after-sales support, including technical guidance and prompt delivery services. This level of customer care fosters long-term relationships and repeat business.

The Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Mumbai

Furthermore, these manufacturers stay ahead of the competition by continually investing in research and development. This proactive approach enables them to introduce cutting-edge designs and materials that push the boundaries of plywood technology. Consequently, clients benefit from enhanced performance, cost-effectiveness, and durability in their construction projects. Additionally, Mumbai’s shuttering plywood manufacturers prioritize transparency and accountability throughout their operations. They adhere to stringent quality control measures at every stage of production, ensuring consistency and reliability in their products.

Best Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Mumbai

Furthermore, these manufacturers are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety in their operations. They prioritize employee training and compliance with safety protocols to ensure a secure working environment. By fostering a culture of safety, they not only protect their workforce but also contribute to the overall well-being of the construction industry. Moreover, Mumbai’s shuttering plywood manufacturers actively engage with stakeholders to address emerging challenges and opportunities in the market. Additionally, these manufacturers embrace digitalization and technology integration to streamline processes and enhance productivity.

Shuttering Plywood Manufacturers Mumbai

Firstly, they provide durable plywood crafted from premium materials, ensuring strength and reliability. Additionally, their products boast precision engineering, facilitating easy installation and efficient usage on construction sites. Furthermore, these manufacturers prioritize customer satisfaction, offering customizable solutions tailored to specific project requirements. Moreover, they maintain competitive pricing, making their plywood accessible to both small-scale contractors and large construction companies.

Moreover, these manufacturers employ advanced techniques to enhance the durability and longevity of their plywood, ensuring resistance against weather elements and wear and tear. Additionally, they adhere to strict quality control measures at every stage of production, guaranteeing consistency and reliability in their products. Furthermore, they prioritize sustainability, sourcing materials responsibly and implementing eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes. As a result, customers can trust that they are investing in plywood that not only meets their immediate needs but also contributes to a greener environment.

Furthermore, these manufacturers are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, offering prompt assistance and support to address any inquiries or concerns. Additionally, they foster long-term partnerships with clients, striving to understand their evolving needs and preferences. Moreover, they stay abreast of industry trends and technological advancements, continually updating their products to meet the ever-changing demands of the construction sector. Additionally, they maintain a robust distribution network, ensuring timely delivery of orders to construction sites across Mumbai and beyond.

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