Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost

Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost

Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost


Welcome to Soorya Group’s ultimate guide on shuttering plywood costs in Mumbai. Whether you’re a seasoned contractor, a budding builder, or a meticulous architect, understanding the nuances of shuttering plywood prices is crucial for your projects’ success. Established in 1948, Soorya Group has been a pioneer in the shuttering plywood industry, offering unparalleled quality and expertise. In this blog post, we delve deep into everything you need to know about shuttering plywood costs in Mumbai, ensuring you make informed decisions every step of the way.

What is Shuttering Plywood?

Before we delve into costs, let’s understand what shuttering plywood is. Shuttering plywood, also known as formwork plywood, is a specific type of plywood used in construction to create temporary molds into which concrete is poured. Its durability, strength, and smooth surface make it ideal for constructing concrete structures efficiently.

Factors Affecting Shuttering Plywood Costs

  • Quality of Plywood: Higher quality plywood, such as marine plywood, will cost more due to its superior durability and resistance to moisture.
  • Thickness: Thicker plywood sheets are more expensive but offer better strength and stability, crucial for large-scale projects.
  • Brand and Supplier: Established brands like Soorya Group offer reliability and quality assurance, which may reflect in the price compared to lesser-known suppliers.
  • Market Demand: Fluctuations in demand can impact prices. Understanding current market trends is essential for budget planning.

Typical Cost Range of Shuttering Plywood in Mumbai

  • Standard Shuttering Plywood: 65₹ per square foot.
  • Marine Plywood: 1200₹ per square foot.
  • High-End Specialized Plywood: 350₹ per square foot.

Future Trends in Shuttering Plywood

Looking ahead, the future of shuttering plywood in Mumbai is poised for innovation. Advancements in material technology and construction methods will continue to shape the industry. Soorya Group remains at the forefront, embracing these changes to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Why Choose Soorya Group?

  • Quality Assurance: Our plywood products are crafted to meet the highest standards of durability and reliability.
  • Custom Solutions: We are aware that each project is different. Our team offers personalized advice and solutions tailored to your specific needs.
  • Timely Delivery: We value your time. With our efficient logistics network, we ensure timely delivery of your plywood, keeping your project on track.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

Sustainability is a major factor in today’s construction sector. Soorya Group is committed to environmental responsibility by offering plywood sourced from sustainable forests and adhering to stringent environmental standards. Choosing our products not only supports your project goals but also contributes to a greener future.

Tips for Choosing Shuttering Plywood

  • Assess Project Requirements: Determine the required plywood grade, thickness, and quantity based on your project’s specifications.
  • Budget Considerations: Balance quality and cost-effectiveness. Opting for cheaper plywood may lead to higher maintenance costs in the long run.
  • Consult with Experts: Seek advice from Soorya Group’s experts to make informed decisions.
Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost


Q. How can I get a personalized quote from Soorya Group?
Ans. You can easily request a personalized quote from Soorya Group by visiting our website or contacting our customer service team directly.

Q. What are the delivery options available from Soorya Group?
Ans. Soorya Group offers efficient delivery options to ensure your plywood reaches you on time.

Q. How can I benefit from Soorya Group’s expertise in shuttering plywood?
Ans. By choosing Soorya Group, you gain access to over 75 years of industry expertise and a legacy of excellence in plywood manufacturing.


In conclusion, understanding shuttering plywood costs in Mumbai is crucial for contractors, builders, and architects alike. By partnering with Soorya Group, you not only gain access to premium-quality plywood but also benefit from decades of industry knowledge and expertise. Make the right choice for your projects and choose Soorya Group for all your shuttering plywood needs in Mumbai.

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Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost

Best Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost

Soorya Group in Mumbai offers high-quality shuttering plywood at competitive prices, ensuring durability and reliability for construction projects. Moreover, their products meet industry standards, providing excellent support and reusability. By choosing Soorya Group, you gain access to a wide range of sizes and thicknesses, tailored to meet specific requirements. Furthermore, their expert team is always available to assist with selection, ensuring you make the best choice. Consequently, this combination of quality and service guarantees superior performance and cost-effectiveness. Thus, partnering with Soorya Group for your shuttering plywood needs proves to be a wise investment.

Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost

Additionally, Soorya Group prioritizes timely delivery, ensuring your construction schedule stays on track. They also offer flexible payment options, making the purchasing process smooth and convenient. As a result, clients consistently express satisfaction with both the product quality and customer service. With Soorya Group, you not only receive top-notch shuttering plywood but also benefit from a trustworthy partnership. Ultimately, this reliable supplier helps you achieve outstanding results in your construction projects. Therefore, consider Soorya Group as your go-to source for shuttering plywood in Mumbai, combining quality, affordability, and exceptional service seamlessly.

The Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost

Best Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost

Moreover, Soorya Group’s reputation in the market is bolstered by positive reviews and repeat business from satisfied clients, underscoring their reliability and quality assurance. Their customer-centric approach includes personalized consultations to match your project specifications with the ideal plywood type. This bespoke service ensures optimal performance and cost savings. Additionally, Soorya Group stays ahead of industry trends, continuously updating their product line to incorporate the latest advancements in plywood technology. Therefore, when you partner with Soorya Group, you are not just purchasing a product but investing in a solution that enhances the efficiency and durability of your construction projects. For the best shuttering plywood in Mumbai, Soorya Group remains the clear choice.

The Shuttering Plywood Mumbai Cost

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